How it works

The information is processed using state-of-the-art AI tools and proprietary methods to extract relevant indicators and objective metrics related to customer behavior in the store, including movement patterns.

What we do

data analytics

We embrace the concept that “You cannot optimize what you cannot measure.” That’s why we provide comprehensive analytical solutions that allow for precise measurements and a better understanding of customers, employees, visitors, and potential threats from thieves. This enables ensuring excellent service and achieving greater efficiency.

Modular Toolkit for Tailored Insights

Our toolkit comprises diverse modules/functions that can be flexibly combined. From counting customers/visitors/employees to analyzing demographics (age groups, gender, individual and group shopping divisions), customer flow analysis, promotional effectiveness assessment, and queue management – we provide a broad range of intelligent analytical applications customized to your requirements.


These indicators and metrics are then harnessed to compose visual dashboards that assist supervisors and managers in optimizing product placement, measuring store layout efficiency, and streamlining personnel management.

By scrutinizing data from your store, such as typical purchasing paths, dwell times, or by monitoring conversion rates within the sales funnel, you’ll be equipped to optimize marketing campaigns, evaluate their effectiveness, and unearth the hidden potential of store locations.

Behavioral analysis


Behavior Analysis on a Unified Navigation Dashboard. Visualization Suggestions:


Integrated data from all cameras with real-time data conversion

Advanced dashboard

Unified Navigation Dashboard: Connecting Data for Comprehensive Visitor Insights

Store layout

Testing Different Store Layouts through A/B Testing for Enhanced Store Navigation

Data-driven decisions

Extracting Value from Location Data for Informed Business Decisions

Operations and Staffing

Optimize Operations, Reduce Costs, and Streamline Staffing through Data Analysis

Customer Insights

Measurable Returns from Campaigns, Convert Data into Actionable Insights, Elevate Customer Service Quality