MAIA Project

What is it all about?

MAIA is an advanced analytical solution powered by artificial intelligence that helps you better understand customer behaviour, tailoring strategies, and making informed business decisions to amplify sales and enhance financial outcomes.

Real-Time Monitoring and Analysis with MAIA

MAIA enables the real-time monitoring and analysis of how employees, shoppers, potential thieves, and visitors move around and engage within a store or specific area. The system also tracks interactions with various items, products, as well as with staff and other visitors. This capability allows for customer behavior analysis, detection of purchasing patterns, and preferences to be identified.

Transforming Behavior Data into Actionable Insights

Behavioral data within a specific area can be translated into metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) that prove invaluable for managers across diverse departments such as marketing, operations, sales, and logistics. This empowers the customization of processes and optimization of store or area profitability.


For whom ?

Grocery stores


Home appliances and electronics store

Fashion, clothing, and footwear

Medical and Cosmetics

Outdoor warehouses